Minggu, 25 November 2012


Pattaya, September 27 2012
Sister School (SMAN 8 TANGERANG)last day :')
time goes very fast and it turns out to be the last day we're here. ahhhhhh i do need a more holiday and also a more time to be here :''''') we checked out from the golden beach hotel right in the morning. don't u think that we have our journey ends in here but we still have Nong Nootch and the chocolate factory to visit today. 
Nong Nootch is a place where thailand have an elephant breeding, zoo and also the show. here we are...

right after nong nootch we directly went back to bangkok. dropped in the chocolate factory and bought many kind of delicious thai chocolate there. then suvarnabhumi international airport was the last place where we have to had our journey ended :''''''''') i do never want to end this chance cz going back to the daily is the hell, ever. Thanks guys for the amazing 5 days journey. you guys are rocked \m/


Pattaya, September 26 2012
Sister School (SMAN 8 TANGERANG) day-four
Gems Gallery, Floating Market and The night :)

whooooot! after touched again the land and did a bath, we had our early lunch and directly  going to the Gems Gallery. they said it was a world biggest jewelery store. i was just soooooo dazzled to saw every single things there. cz they showed us the chronology of makin jewelery from the earth's core until the single one we had along the neck or even fingers right now.

after had a satisfy in the gems gallery we were heading to the Pattaya Floating market. it wasnt really a floating market but it was exactly the place where the floating market have ever been. 
they said that the real floating market just destroyed by a kinda big flood disaster. here we are...
hoooaaaah, i dont even kno how much money i had spent for this last 4 days. a very big amount i guess. but i will never let myself counted. a heartache, it is. at the night the teacher was giving us a free. so me and the other guys were decided to take a look and do shopping again around the Pattaya. i once thought that it was a city which has a biggest number of prostitute and any other kind of that. and it was true ._. we walked around the hotel we had a night in. don't you think that it was everywhere near, it's true but to do it by a walked was just like thousands times far for sure. But we was just faced it with the joy we did. and i realized that it was kind of an amazing night. :)))))))))))))))))))


Pattaya, September 26 2012
Sister School (SMAN 8 TANGERANG) day-four
Coral Island!!! 

Brand new daaaay! 
After had a rest at the Golden Beach Hotel, we had coral island to spent the morning. me, winda and caca were almost get lost of the bus cz we came down late and had no time to had a breakfast -_____- at about 7.00 we’re heading  to the Coral Island with the Bus. The hotel were giving, not giving but probably just lend us a towel to brought to the coral island. Before touched the island, we had to crossed the sea using a kinda speed boat. the wind just go rough along the way there. before touched down the coral island, the tour guide just dropped us at the port of parasailing and had a joy along the sky!!!!!!!!!!! 
here we are!

after had a chance to fly in the sky, the boat just took us to the Coral Island. i was just so pleased to be there. here we are...


Pattaya, September 25 2012
Sister School (SMAN 8 TANGERANG)
where do we sleptover?

whoooooootttt, time to checked in! we had a night at the 4 star hotel named Golden beach hotel. this hotel was soooooo much better than we had in Bangkok. and again i had my room with caca and winda :) this Hotel has an enough good service. lots of indian had a night here but they're nothing just scared me with an unordinary  -_-'
 here we are...



Pattaya, September 25 2012 
Sister School (SMAN 8 TANGERANG)

we did feel so tired this day but it all just covered by the joy we had. when we were on the way to hotel after seeing the cabaret, we just take a look to the Hard Rock Pattaya city and took photos there. 

Pattaya was just like Bali but i thought Bali is still a level up haha. this city is surrounded by a kind of beautiful beach with white sands. whatta perfect view huh? after took photos at hard rock we were just crossed the street to the sea shore i've said before and saw a shining write signed 'Pattaya City'. oh i was just thought i would have an awesome days here. And here we are...

Sabtu, 24 November 2012


Pattaya, September 25 2012
Sister School (SMAN 8 TANGERANG

at about 8 p.m we had cabaret show for the first welcomed at Pattaya. that's exactly a transgender show but you would never thought it was. they have lots of women in the show, but if you pay more attention to them you'll realize that they aren't just an ordinary woman unless they're extraordinary which meant they were a men but totally like women. They do have a kinda big breast and absolutely a voluptuous butt which maybe even a women has a  less beauty than them. the ticket cost 650bath/person. the show lasted fo about 90minutes and I admitted that it was so incredible transgender show ever! 


Bangkok, September 25 2012
Sister School (SMAN 8 TANGERANG)

this exactly what i was waiting fooooooor!!! Pattaya finally :''')
exactly after leather factory, we had lunch and heading to Pattaya!
it was take sooooo long to get there. we had about 3 hours ride from Bangkok to Pattaya. and does feel so nice so glad to be there! again we have a dinner at 5pm before heading to the transgender show named Cabaret.


Bangkok, September 25 2012 
second visit...

after spent lots of money at wat arun, we went to the leather factory and again we shopped -______- they offered a genuine leather with an upnormal cost -_- they have a very eye-catching stuff like a bag with a genuine leather which was sooooooooo pretty like there could never be. but the high cost they have just made me think hundred times before make it mine. i bought a wallet for my buddy, cost so high actually but even it does, it was like nothing if you compare with a cost of friendship. xxxxxxxx!


Bangkok, September 25 2012 
first visit...

WAT ARUN! was the first place we visited on day three. Wat Arun's exactly a name of the biggest river in Thailand. at the riverside of wat arun, there are a biggest buddha temple and a merchant who sells many kind of souvenirs with a typical of Thailand certainly. but we have to crossed the river by a kinda boat before reached the place. the river does look good enough unless there were no many random litter thrown into the river ._. 
when we just arrived there was a merchant offered us to wear a traditional outfit of thai with only cost Rp50k and allowed us to take photos along the front of the temple. 


Bangkok, September 24 2012
Sister School (SMAN 8 TANGERANG)third visit...

we left the Islamic college at about  4p.m. exactly after have a pray of ashar and we directly looking for a halal food to fill our stomach as dinner. like a first in a lifetime, i had my dinner at 5p.m -_________________- i just thought that we had hotel after did a dinner, but infaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaact the tour-guide just took us to a biggest shopping center in Bangkok, named MBK. with a kinda mess look we entered there. seemed like everyone just have a disgusted stare at us. but i just try to face it with a perfume i've sprayed along the body :P