Minggu, 07 Oktober 2012


BOOM! finally after we spent most of time with waiting, we (SMAN 8 TANGERANG basketball team) were allowed to enroll and join  the basketball competition at the d'sparted cup! hahaha no words to describe, that was our huge expectation to joining the competition. We're so happy as it will be. No matter what will it goes, what is the result we'll recieve, to have a lot of experience is the most important here. for the team of gurl, it is our first time joining the competition . But to be the winner is just our second goal, the first is like i've said before, to have much experience is our mainly goal to reach.we ain't having a high dream, just do the best as we can do. once, don't ever let the dream lead youhigher than the reality does. but sometimes, we also have to break the limit. just do it first and GO FIGHT WIN SMAN 8 TANGERANG basketball team :)


well, this blog was dedicated to my ICT task. it was a simply task actually, just putting the 'SMAN 8 TANGERANG' name in every post i made haha. happy bolgging guys :)